Headphones not connecting to laptop (previously worked)

Max M

Jul 22, 2015
I have a simple pair of logitech USB headphone, with a microphone attached. They for some reason have stopped working. When I plug them in they do not show up on playback devices, and when i use a regular pair of earplugs, with a 3.5 mm plug I can't talk through my laptops mic, which I have done in the past.

Its a Toshiba Satellite C55Dt-B and I'm running windows 8.1

What should I do?


Jul 21, 2015
Hi Max I can give you a couple troubleshooting ideas,
1) Turn your pc off and back on again,
2) plug in everything you normally have plugged into you pc
-my friends keyboard wont work unless his headphones are plugged in, wierd... but hey.
3) right click the speaker on your toolbar and select "Playback devices" and ensure the appropriate device is selected and enabled.
4) go into your "device manager" and ensure that all of your drivers are functional and up-to-date

Max M

Jul 22, 2015

Pc has been turned off and on numerous times, everything has been plugged in, moved around and cleaned. Enabled the device, and drives are up to date. See the issues it it will not get power even, (it has a little red light, to mute the microphone, and that will not light up when plugged in.) This leads me to believe that it is not even being found by my laptop.
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