Headphones or Headset with standalone mic PC and mobile


Nov 9, 2015
I am looking for a gaming headset OR headphones + seperate microphone for PC and mobile use. So the headset must have a 3.5mm jack (included adapter for a USB headset works aswell) with good bass

Headset (about 160) with removeable OR retractable mic for use outside
Headphones (about 100) mic (about 60, f.e. blue snowball iCe)

What I've been looking at is:
- Logitech G633 (€159)
- Steelseries Siberia elite prism (€179, a bit over budget but if they are the best for this price...)
- Razer blackshark 2.0 (€160)
- Kingston hyperx cloud II (€100)

The logitech looks nice but people have been complaining about the build quality, i read good reviews about the prism and blackshark but those are older than 2 years so IDK how much the quality compares to.

Thank you