Question Headphones similar to the sennheiser pc 330 g4me ?

Nov 11, 2020
Hi ! For the past 8 years i have been using this headset and now that it finally died i'm in a bind. I tried to replace it with different headset like the game one but i just can't get a headset that gives the same sound as my old 330.

Could someone recommend me a headset that is similar sounding or slighty better that also comes with a mic ? The price doesnt matter. Also i dont know if it matters but i would like to plug them without the need of an amp or DAC directly into my motherboard which is a asus z370-a.

Thanks in advance for your answer.


That looks like a lower end model, you may just need to try different headsets since it's not likely many people on the forums would have tried that set or found another set that sounds similar. Sennheiser PC37X may be one to try

For under $100 I like the Cooler Master MH751, HyperX Cloud Alpha are good, Arctis 3 or 5.
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