Headphones with Awesome Bass



Hello people, I want to buy headphones with super rich bass.I am more into electro/techno/dub step and club music.I listen other genres too so I want a pretty decent headphone with better than average mid,low and treble.The main requirement is BASS.But bass should not cover the fine quality of song.The bass should be punchy but it must be bearable.I use mostly at home and I connect it with iPod or with Laptop.so I want Wired only.Durability is my concern too.
I am from India.
My budget is Rs. 5000 ~ 80$ ~ 65 Euro ~ 50 GBP

Thank You


Hello Friends,

I use my headphones with Apple iPod Touch 2nd Generation and with my Dell Inspiron Laptop.I hardly use my headphones outdoor.
I want to tell you that I am not a basshead, I listen all music genres from classical to RnB/Hip-Hop or from Blues to Metal and mostly I listen to electro/techno/dubstep.So in my case BASS is necessary but not the only requirement.I like watching movies in my laptop with cinematic sound and exlpolsion and stuff-so yeah I prefer punchy bass.But I dont want to compromise with actual sound quality.

The list of headphones which are available in my country and e-stores:-
-Sony MDR-XB900 , Sony MDR-XB600/BCE ,Sony MDR-XB400/BQIN , Sony MDR-XB400/BQE , Sony MDR-XB600

- Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 , Skullcandy Crusher
- Sennheiser HD 439 , Sennheiser HD 419
- Audio Technica ATH-T400 , Audio Technica ATH-WS33X BK
- AKG K 512 ,AKG K 99

If you have any other headphone to suggest me , I am curious to know it.I don't have much technical knowledge about headphones.I am not an audiophile,I just want to enjoy GREAT MUSIC !!

Thank you