Question Headset only plays through right ear on PC

Mar 30, 2020
Hello , my problem is that the left speaker on my headset stoped working 2 days ago , no matter what I tried it did not work , I did the Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> manage audio devices>under the playback tab click on the device you're using from the list shown> properties> levels>balance thing but it didn't work , I updated my audio drivers stil nothing tried different devices and nothing worked . When I tried to use this headset on a different computer it worked fine , however every pair of headphones I plugged in in my computer would have the same problem ,left speaker not working. I have tried every port available . If anyone has any idea what's going on I would be really thankful.

Sonic Illusions

Feb 16, 2019
I'd suspect the jack. Has there been long-repeated plugging in and unplugging of anything in that jack? I assume you're using the jack on the front case panel. Have you tried the line out jack on the rear? The signal will be low, but you could still hear it. Do you have an amp with speakers connected? If so, I assume that's fine, since it wasn't mentioned and you have both channels working from that jack - no need to test with your headphones. Also, the case cable where it's connected to the motherboard header (on-board audio) or sound card could have been partially dislodged. That is the connection to the jacks on the front of your case.

If you determine the jack is at fault, you can search for a replacement I/O panel or do something like this: card reader with audio ports&cm_re=internal_card_reader_with_audio_ports--0X6-04RT-061X6--Product
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