Headset Virtual 7.1


Dec 21, 2011
I am looking to buy a good Headset with surround sound, and i am not sure what is going to be the best for me a true 5.1 headset, or a virtual 7.1 headset.

My idea was to get a good surround headset that will really work, just like my surround system works. That is on games like witcher 2, where the game really sends different audio to each speaker i would like to get this audio to the headphone, and not that pro-logic stuff that takes a 2.0 audio output and try to split it.

My computer is already connected to a 5.1 surround system via 3x p2 cables, and i was trying to avoid headsets that requires those cables since i don't want to keep removing and plugging them, also i would really like a Wireless headset, this would make me very happy.

By the moment i am really pending to Logitech g930 headset, since it is USB connected, Wireless, and the marketing sells it as 7.1 emulated sound. And here comes the main question, how does that Emulated 7.1 sound works?

I know the headset only have 2 speakers but they say that it takes the audio and separate it correctly, i want to know if that is really true, does the headset really takes the output from the game in all the 7.1 channels (or 5.1 on the games that does not support 7.1) and send them to a good position on the speaker? does that works like that? will it work in 5.1 movies too?

Example: Normally on movies, the voice audio comes from the central speaker ONLY, if i lower that channel only, will the sound be muted? Because that is what I’m looking for.

I am also accepting other headsets recommendations with the price <= g930

Thanks for the help.


Most games and movies only support 5.1. I'm not a fan of simulated sound, discrete channels/speakers will be better at least until they can perfect simulated.

Having said that headphones, aren't as good as a regular 5.1 speaker setup just because the headphone speakers are so close to your ear.

I like my Turtle Beach 5.1 with multiple speakers in the headset. I'm not a fan of wireless anything when it comes to speakers sound quality wise. The convenience is nice but I like sound quality over convenience.

If you just have 2 speakers you will always have a simulated sound to get 5.1/7.1.

My Turtle Beach headphones came with cables where I can split the sound between my speakers or my headphones.

Happy Listening, the Prisoner.


Dec 21, 2011
Thanks for the answer @thee_prisoner, i knowthat 2 speakers must virtualize the 5.1/7.1 sound, and that the wireless quality is not so good.

Also i know that most games/movies support 5.1 first, but by logic, it should work the same way on a 7.1 headset, it would just not be using 2 lateral speakers.

But i am still looking for a answer in that last point i have asked. Does the 5.1/7.1 Virtual sound really behaves like the true stuff.

Like the example i have said before, on the majority of 5.1 movies, the voices ONLY comes from the central channel, so if i go to the 7.1 speakers volume control, and mute the central speaker, does really the voices are muted? (that is the behavior of a true 5.1 surround sound).

I would really love if someone that have a good 7.1 virtual headset could test that for me, or if someone already know how that works.

Because my main question is about the 7.1 channel sepparation, and i just wan't to know if the headset really receives a 5.1 or 7.1 SEPARATED channels and sends it to a "good position" on those 2 headset speakers.



Part of the problem you need somebody that has a true 5.1 headset and a virtual one to compare. I have heard the virtual ones(Astro AS40, $250.00) and they aren't bad.

I haven't tried out the g930s but the reviews are decent and the price is good for a wireless headset.
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