!HELP¡ D5300 CHEAP on adorama


Mar 19, 2014
I found a factory refurbished nikon d5300 with 18-55mm kit lense on adora for only $450.00. It sounds a little fishy to me, I don't want to get ripped off, but if this is legit then it is a HUGE bang for your buck! Looking for people who have actually ordered from adorama, and have experience with the website.

Thanks alot for your time


Mar 16, 2016
Adorama is one of the largest sellers of camera gear in the USA. They are entirely legit. The price seems good but not fishy to me. It is inline with local (seattle) craigslist prices. I believe I've seen similar pricing on amazon a little while ago.
The nearly identical d5200 with the same lens is available used in "like new" condition for as little as 345 from amazon.




Adorama and BH PhotoVideo are the two best camera stores in the US and perhaps even the world. I regularly visit both stores (online and the actual ones in NYC), and have purchased thousands of dollars worth of camera and video equipment from them without issue.

As for new vs used, absolutely NEVER go used unless it's from one of the above two or it's so cheap you don't mind gambling. In fact, never bother used for the low end stuff, it's never worth the risk (a used Canon 200mm F1.8 is absolutely worth the risk, even NASA scrounged up craigslist and other sketchy sites for their WASP )
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