HElP!! cant find drivers for "Invader ULTRA -lv" PCI Card


Jan 17, 2009
I need help finding the drivers for thees 3 PCI video capture cards i salvaged off an old SEVER, the cards are called " Invader Ultra - LV ". the cards were made in 2000 by the company ASPRO Technologies, but it seems that that company has ether gone out of business or bin bought by another company. i don't want to go out to buy new ones because these old ones support 8 cameras at a time each and are fairly unused, Also 3 new cards will cost $$$ alot

i find almost no result on google or any other search engine iv looked on and have frankly no clue where else to go

if some one could please point me in the right direction or if possible find me the drivers it would be a great help.

{Edit} thees were apparently very expensive and might not be owned by the average person so that make finding drivers even harder