Solved! Help choosing an AV receiver

Jun 18, 2019
Hello everyone! First post here, but I have a specific setup that I need some help choosing a receiver for.

So here is what I have:

2 Klipsch RF-82 II fronts outside

2 Klipsch RB-61 II inside in-between the towers and the center

1 Klipsch RC-62 II center

2 Klipsch RP-500SA atoms up-firing

2 Klipsch R-15M sides

2 Klipsch R-14M rear

2 BIC America H-100II 12-Inch sub-woofers

Yamaha A-S501BL which is powering the RF-82 II's and RB-61 II's

Yamaha RX-A780 AVENTAGE which I run my TV, turntable, a bluetooth receiver, and Playstation 4 though. This is powering everything else.

I have no use for any extra Zones and I already have a phono preamp so I'm not using the phono input on the receiver.

When I play music via bluetooth or the turntable only the front speakers fire...the subs will not output any sound at all. After talking to Yamaha support, I found out that this is a limitation of the receiver. Apparently when I use audio 4 or 5 all I get is the front speakers...and I listen to lots of bass heavy music so I want the subs working when I play music.

I want to have a good setup for movies for sure, hence the surround and atmos setup, but I want to make sure my music setup sounds good. I have decent sized room, not gigantic, but pretty big.

So I want to just upgrade my AV receiver and am thinking about either the Yamaha RX-A1080 or RX-A2080. I can get these for $800 and $1,100 respectively. Am I making the right move here or is there a better option at that price point?

Any help is appreciated!

Sonic Illusions

Feb 16, 2019
You've done your homework! Based on my experiences, I'd recommend the RX-A2080 of your picks. You've got some great speakers and they'll be happy with the added power - full power to surrounds, full EQ. The Aventage lineup, as you know, uses premium audiophile-grade components in the signal path and the amps have plenty of reserve power, especially loaded at 4 ohms. Great DACs and DSP will deliver. Get high-quality HDMI interconnects for A/V. If any of your audio sources don't have HDMI, go digital with optical/ coax. The RX-A3080 has an improved DAC for the main 7 channels and more power from the amps. Since your speakers will load the amps at 8 ohms, I'd opt for the 3080 with more power (150W vs 140). Either unit is a great performer. If I were choosing between the two, I'd go with the better DAC and power. Consider if the extra cost and power are worth it.
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