Speaker And Soundbar Help


For a TV I would get a soundbar rather than a powered speaker set, the connections and audio options are made for TVs on them.

Not sure about that specific soundbar though, you would need to do a bit of research and read reviews.
Since the Edifier speaker are so much less expensive than the soundbar/sub you link to adding a powered sub to them or getting better speakers would make the comparison fairer.
You don't mention what sources you want to connect them to and what content you will be playing with them. For music the Edifiers would hands down be better. If you added a sub then you would get at least the same quantity of bass as the soundbar and maybe better quality of bass. Being able to separate the speakers will give you a wider soundstage and actually make the TV seem larger.
If you are using them with TV it's important that the audio be clear at low volumes so dialogue is intelligible and low level sounds are audible without having to blast the audio system.
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