Help: deciding between low budget laptops (Lenovo Flex4 11in, Lenovo Ideapad-110 15in)


Apr 13, 2011
Basic comparison:

Lenovo Flex 4 1130 2-in-1 11.6" Touch-Screen Laptop
Windows 10
Intel Celeron N3350 1.1GHz
2GB RAM, 64 eMMC flash memory
Intel HD Graphics 500
2.97lbs, .82"
199.99 New (that's what I paid last week)

Lenovo - 110-15ISK 15.6" Laptop
Windows 10
6th Gen Intel Core i3-6100U 2.3GHz
6GB RAM, 1TB 5400rpm hard drive
Intel HD Graphics 520
5.07lbs, .9"
basic computer, no touchscreen
259.99 open box item, 279.99 New

I know this kind of thing gets asked pretty regularly, but any help is appreciated. I need a replacement laptop to deal with work; I had a chromebook which was great, but stolen. However, my job uses Outlook Web Access for email. It's awful, but it's even more limited on chrome than on IE (go figure), so I opted for a bargain basement Windows 10 computer for the time being (ultimately I would prefer a MacBook Air that I can dual boot). I went to Best Buy set on the Lenovo 110, but saw the price for the Flex 4 11in and saw an even cheaper open box one on their site, which ultimately they didn't have. I decided to go with the Flex 4 to give it a whirl and see how I felt about it.

A week in I'm thinking it was the more headache inducing choice. Unsurprisingly, Windows 10 on Celeron+2GB ram is choppy. So, I can return the Flex 4 and pay a little more for the 110. I would soon after replace the hard drive for an SSD and maybe max the RAM. OR I can keep the Flex 4 and upgrade it's RAM and hard drive--though I don't see a lot information on the web about upgrading it.

The portability is definitely nice with the Flex 4, but usability is KEY. Outlook Web Access is already kinda slow on a speedier desktop at work.

How much mileage will I get from upgrading either? Are there any other items in this price range that I ought to look at?



The Lenovo 110-15SK is overall, the better laptop when performance is concerned. The Core i3-6100 is easily far more powerful than the N3350.

Laptops have very limited upgradeability. Low budget laptops like the Flex are even more limited. The Flex cannot be upgrade internally; the only way to increase storage is to use a USB thumb drive or SD Card. The 110 will allow you to upgrade the RAM and the hard drive. All modern laptops for the past few years have CPUs that are soldered into the motherboard. However, there are a few boutique laptops that used desktop Intel CPUs rather than mobile CPUs so those expensive laptops will allow you to upgrade the CPU.
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