Help finding motherboard for Gateway computer


Sep 10, 2011
Ok here is my problem. I have a Gateway laptop (now Acer) that has a broken motherboard. This laptop is a model NV53 and is about 2 or three years old. I have written down all the motherboard information the problem is I don't know how or where to get a new motheboard. Can I get it from Acer or do you guys know of a place that stocks motherboards for older laptops?

Laptop model- Gateway NV53
Socket/CPU- AMD S1 638 AMD Athlon II M300
Manufacture- Gateway
Laptop motherboard model- SJV50TR
Chipset- 785 GX

Hi :)

Sorry cannot help as in UK....

Over here ACER will not sell direct (even to the trade) , they put you on to a couple of companies, who are MEANT to sell their parts, but generally are totally useless, AND overpriced... :(

All the best Brett :)