Solved! help google play suspended

Jun 15, 2018
hi guys this is my situation i had a sibling use my google account to make in app purchases so i called google and got refund now my account is perm suspended ..i tried making more google accounts but they keep getting suspended if i try to make a purchase in google play store please help I'm willing to change my phone number and use different payment method I'll do anything to he able to purchase through Google play thank u!


Jul 25, 2012
Just as an aside, while it won't give you the fuller functionality of Google Play:
1. Free apps can still be side-loaded and work largely without issue
2. Amazon has an acceptable app store that would not be linked to the status of your Google Play account.

But as above, you have to check with google. Aggressive permabanning or suspension often indicates a (perceived or real) major violation of terms of use policy. I would hate to think you were doing anything illicit, but Google will sort you out one way or another if you ask them. Your only option anyway - Toms carries no authority or influence in such affairs and we can only counsel on where to go for actual help, we can't provided actual effective solutions for third party account issues.

This site here would seem to be their contact point for support options.