help i cant hear anything with my headphones on and i tried another pair of them and they didnt work so is my plug just broken

Mar 16, 2018
so i was playing yesterday and my headphones were working fine, then i got on today and they werent working i tried another pair of headphones to see if it was just my headphones but both of them didnt work on my pc they worked in my phone though so are my headphones broken i need help i tried to troubleshoot the problem but it said there were no problems (im not deaf) i went through all of my volumes and i set them all to max and now i can hear things but they are all INSANELY quiet so does anyone have an answer to my problem...


Then there is a problem there with the jack.

You have two options.

Looking at the jack from the back you will see little steel contacts. If you can bend them may be able to fix it. Basically there's not enough pressure being applied to the plug and they are probably dirty so clean them with alcohol.

Do all this with the PC off and unplugged and let the alcohol dry before you fire it up.

if the jack is actually broken or you can't fix it by doing what I need a new jack....and you will most likely have to solder it.


I am thinking windows updates did a number on your sound card drivers. MS has some info here, sounds like you already ran the troubleshooter with no luck so try their other fixes. Good graphical guide here although I have never had to use their product per se.

A quick and cheap fix would be to just get a cheap usb sound card like this
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