Help me buy my first gaming laptop =) I'm torn between these two.


Apr 20, 2013
So I finally have the extra money to buy a gaming laptop, and there are two models I'm really focused on.

First off my budget is roughly 1400 give or take a few hundred, I'm not loyal to any brands. And it will mainly be used for gaming, besides some email etc...

I understand that if I wanted a true gaming rig then I'd be better off to buy a desktop. But I move around alot up here in the oilfields and live in campers lol.

The two rigs that I'm looking at are either the MSI GT70 2OC-408US or the Sager NP9390. I like the features on the MSI but I'm not sure if it wouldn't be worth getting the Sager with the 8970m. Assuming it is a better card besides specs.

If you guys have any input, or even a different brand/model you would suggest, please let me know. This will be my first gaming laptop, Thank you!