Help me buying the best possible laptop within 800$ (50,000INR) in India

Asesh Basu

Jan 7, 2015
I'm super confused as to which laptop i should buy.
I have the following criteria :
1. Must be durable. I don't want to throw away my laptop after a year or so.
2. My primary use will be for gaming, AutoCAD works, java c and c ++ programming (nothing intensive) and little bit of work with game engines.

I have the following queries:
1. Should i choose an Intel processor or amd?? And why??
2. Is 4 gb ram enough for the above tasks??
3. What about heating?? Should i buy a cooler?? If yes, what rpm and brand do u prefer??
4. What brand of joystick is better for beginners??

Anirudh Gupta

Nov 20, 2014

hey man jut buy HP envy k-101tx with GeForce GTX 850m 4GB for Rs.57,000 .....
if you need it for gaming you wont be needing that powerful i7 quad core processor ..... i5 dual core is more than enough as the graphic card will bottleneck the performance of playing games while having the i5 processor only .......... understood my point ......for example go with i54210u only rather than i74510u ultra low powered dual core ones.. no great difference as such and no difference at all while gaming and infact these i7's are inferior to i54200m also.... so decide accordingly