Help me find a dual band N wifi for an old latptop


Jan 16, 2010
I have a gateway ML6720 I bought for $300 in late 2007.

The thing is in excellent condition and my middle schooler is using it. It has a great keyboard. I had been frustrated only by the wifi speeds as it is the only portable device in our home that wont stream 720mkvs from our server.

Looking at newer cheap laptops the build quality seems terrible compared to this so I decided to throw in a 120GB SSD I got for $50 and updated it with win8 32 I had free from technet. That went perfectly and it is actually extremely fast at boot and office.

So here is the nut of it of my issue:
I got a intel 6250 dual band N to try and get decent wireless speeds. installed. the laptop will post bios, but windows 8 hangs (machine exception). I swapped out my still working win 7 hdd and that also fails at windows start.

The motherboard on the laptop is 31MA8MB0030 part number 4006215R . chipset is 960GL with a t2310.

I cant find anyway to cross check compatibility of 960GL with 62xx series, (or with 51xx series which also has dual band N).

Should the 6200 work meaning I have a dud card? or should it not. Do I need to update some firmware? If not is there an N dual that will work?

Thanks in advance!