Solved! [HELP] No disable option in Thinkpad Touchpad

May 23, 2021
My touchpad is extremely crazy, it is stuttering and moving on its own. I have already disabled this on device manager before and have been using external mouse for 2 years now.

Im using a Windows 10 Lenovo Ideapad320 laptop, yesterday it just updated its windows. after the update my touch pad suddenly is enabled again.

the problem this time is
No disable option in mouse properties and the touchpad settings. the only option there is the sensitivity adjustment..

No touchpad drivers in device manager so i cant disable it there.

fn+f6 (button to disable touchpad) doesn't work for some reason.

Im typing this while my cursor is dancing like crazy. i need help ASAP
Since you did a clean setup of Windows, make sure you go to Lenovo website and install drivers for it, chipset, Video, Audio, BIOS and there should be some for the touchpad/mouse.