Solved! Help requested about installing SSD in DVD slot - ASUS X453M

Apr 4, 2020
Hi All, I have an ASUS X453M and want to install an SSD drive in a DVD tray (in addition to my old HD).

However, I don't have a DVD drive in my laptop, but there is a 'door' where the DVD drive would normally be (presumably for later addition of DVD drive).

Is it possible that there is space inside to fit a DVD tray to take a new SSD drive and also would there be a connection (IDE?) for a DVD drive on the motherboard?

Any advice gratefully accepted. (I've looked in Device Manager and no DVD drive is shown)

Many thanks
Yes there is probably a space there, but some vendors don't place the connector to save some money on systems without an option. You will need to check if they make DVD bay drive adapters for your model also.