HELP! sony hi8 camera freezes

May 13, 2018
so I found my moms old *sony hi8 camcorder* and it seems to work fine until I try to playback a cassette which are *hi8 8mm. 120 video hi8. 60 digital 8*. I'm not sure what that means but it might be relevant.

in any case when i try to play it back it freezes and it tells me to reinsert the cassette. or if I try to rewind or fast forward it. the same thing happens.

a few minutes before that happend it wouldn't play it would show a blue screen. no audio or video but if I fast forwarded it or go back I would be able to see the video.

I tried taking the battery out. tried my best to clean it. with just a plain Qtip cause I didn't want to risk anymore damage but still nothing. please help. it would mean alot to see these old memorie again.
May 13, 2018
Question from japhybutt : "HELP! sony hi8 camera not working"

basically it "plays" the video like one frame of it and it freezes instantly. I looked more into it and it seems like the film isn't moving. the cassette isn't turning. what's wrong with it and how do I fix it. I'm pretty tech savvy so if you could even point me in the right direction. also hitting it doesn't work. please and thank you.
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