Help with hooking up sub woofer to computer

Dec 26, 2018
I recently bought some new computer speakers and I wanted to add in a sub woofer. I'm not familiar with sound systems at all so I was hoping to get some help. I'm going to link the speakers and my motherboards sound card. I'm just wondering what wires are needed to hook everything up correctly.

These are the speakers I bought

and this is the sub i'm looking at

Thanks for the links.
If the audio driver lets you set the PC for 2.1 then connect the edifier to the green audio outputs. You will need an adapter that has a stereo 3.5mm plug and two RCA jacks at the other end. Connect the sub to one of the these outputs (the other is the center channel output). You can use either line input on the sub.
If not then you want to split the green audio output and connect both the sub and speakers to the same output.
If you find yourself wanting tighter bass then try plugging the port at the rear of the sub.
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