Help with prebuilt laptops options


Oct 21, 2009

I want to buy this laptop and thinking of taking some upgrades.

+$20 upgrade from i3 2.4ghz to 2.5ghz (small increase but it's pretty cheap anyways)

+$100 to upgrade from 1366x768 monitor resolution to 1600x900

+$100 to upgrade from built in gpu (intel hd3000) to a 7470M

Or, forget about above and just get a 160gb ssd upgrade (+$220)

Used mainly for office docs, web browsing, etc. games would be nice but i know gpu can't handle it.


Feb 28, 2012
The link you provided lists options with i5 processors. If you want to game, it wouldn't hurt to check out those options. This is a new game on a 7470m video running fairly good. Seems to to be handling it pretty well. For Gaming, i would definitely consider this upgrade.

The SSD would boost performance by a lot also. However, with the link you provided, the option for the 160GB ssd does NOT include a mechanical drive for your data, so if you take a lot of photos, have a lot of games, a large music library, home videos, etc., that 160GB is not going to last long. I do see an option in that link for $150 with 32GB SSD and 7200rpm mechanical option. The 7200 mechanical is going to be faster than the stock 5400rpm, with a SSD to hold your OS which will make the computer boot quickly.

"office docs, web browsing, etc. games would be nice"
Workload really doesn't say you 'need' a $220 SSD to my way of thinking. It's a luxury you add once you've added the other options.

The real productivity options are the 1600x900 monitor upgrade and i5 CPU upgrade.
For gaming the 7470M gives you more options - but it's a pretty weak card.