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  1. S

    Checking for thermal paste

    I bought a prebuilt pc that had some screws missing from the fan and a cheap off brand psu so ive checked everything else in the pc but the heatsink. The cpu is an i7 7700k with a corsair h60 liquid cooler. Ive had the pc for about 5 months and daily have long gaming sessions. If they had forgot...
  2. C

    WoW Laptop/Y'all were a great help last time....

    I posted this question to y'all six years ago and you guys (most notably Abysslax) knocked it out of the park. The laptop that y'all recommended is dying. Said laptop (which I'm still typing on) is still going strong. Problem is, I have worn out the screen hinges because I have used it so much...
  3. H

    How to upgrade a case? (Optiplex 3010 prebuilt)

    So I've finally found the time & cash to work on this old prebuilt, currently I can get a rx560 for $80, & a 500W EVGA PSU for $35: I'm wondering about cases tho...what sort of specifications go into upgrading a case...
  4. I

    Which Computer should I buy? (w/ links)

    I'm in the market for a new computer. I saw these and thought they were both nice computers. I was wondering which one would be the best choice (based on processor speed or type, storage, brand, etc) Thanks in advance...
  5. L

    Changing Graphics Card

    Just got a new prebuilt computer and it is my first one so all of this is very new to me. I am looking for what graphics card will fit for this computer. Link for Specs...
  6. A

    Prebuilt Gaming Desktop?

    Hey, I'm just wondering what would be a good desktop that could handle next-gen titles of the highest settings, around 60 fps or more. Budget of around 2,000 USD
  7. W

    Can't do anything in my laptop

    I dont know what happened to my pc i cant open anything, can open prebuilt in things like sticky note settings and win+r but i cant run any command at all i can get into safe mode ( thank god) but besides that if i try to run a command the message "The file does not have a program associated...
  8. J

    How to separate rear and front audio jacks?

    Hi, I have a prebuilt PC here and recently for some reason. My computer has decided to put both my front and rear headphone jacks together. I can't use them at the same time but I also cant separate them. I have tried to uninstall realtek, but then when i restart my computer it downloads relatek...
  9. H

    Dell 7559 Overheating

    Hi. I recently purchased a refurbished Dell 7559 from ebay for 720 USD. It has an i7-6700HQ, GTX 960m, 1TB SSHD, FHD Display, 8gb single channel memory. I also added a 512GB Samsung M.2 and made it the primary partition. I play Battlefield 4 and my temps are really high. I play 64 player...
  10. S

    Is it expensive and or worth building your own gaming computer . Should the kid just buy a pre made one

    Got a 15 year old who wants to spend and build a gaming computer and seems pretty expensive . I need direction on supporting this idea or not .
  11. B

    Programs to make Internal Speaker beep more?

    This may be a somewhat odd request, but is there any way to make the motherboard speaker beep when certain things happen in Win10? For example, I recently used my old Windows XP prebuilt from over a decade ago, and I noticed that every time you would exit a program without saving the motherboard...
  12. R

    Looking for a prebuilt gaming desktop

    I am looking to buy the cheapest prebuilt gaming desktop that can run Team Fortress 2 with default graphics on 140 fps. Anything past that is a bonus and im looking to save as much money as possible. Im also in Canada if that matters
  13. W

    Only have left and right sound, rather than surround. How to fix?

    I used a USB headset for a long time for gaming and got angry and broke it. I dont have much money so i just bought a plantronics 388 headset which is stereo. I guess the sound card on my old mobo from a prebuilt just into good enough. When i use stereo headsets i dont hear surround sound at...
  14. M

    Need help looking for a work laptop (UK)

    Budget: £450, This laptop would be purely for work purposes and is not built for gaming. Also I will be working off Wifi so please take this into consideration! Musts: - Prebuilt. -Windows 10 - Built To Last - 4-8GB RAM - 1TB or More Storage Wants: -Up to date parts -Intel Based I'm...
  15. H

    Gaming on a Budget

    I'd like to know what would be a good gaming laptop for my budget. (1100$) I'd prefer having a 17.3 inch display. Should i go find a custom laptop? or just get a prebuilt one.
  16. T

    Cheap Prebuilt Pc For CSGO?

    Hey I wanted a cheap prebuilt PC that could run csgo smoothly as thats all i really want to play, can you tell me of some prebuilt computers that are fairly cheap, maximum is like £400 but i'd like it to be much cheaper, and before you moan at me about building my own one.. i know that its...
  17. C

    $400 Gaming PC

    Here is a link that was reccomended to me to build: Could someone please tell me if there are parts that are the same price that are better? Also please tell me if there is a...
  18. NoizyBoyStatic

    I need help finding a laptop with these specifications

    I am looking for a laptop with these specifications because my mom broke my old one and now I want a badass one that I won't have to replace for a long time I already have a monster desktop that's where all my knowledge is I don't know a great deal about laptops I need help cuz i cant find one...
  19. M

    Build laptop or buy prebuilt

    I'm looking to either buy a prebuilt laptop or build my own. I built my own desktop from scratch I guess my concerns are: Is building a laptop a lot harder then a desktop? Is it worth the savings...
  20. T

    Image applications into new computer?

    My current desktop is running towards the end of it's lifespan (7years old?) I am researching a new prebuilt machine but would like to re-image the applications over onto the new machine. Is this possible without re-imaging the entire hard drive? In addition to being old and I've moved...
  21. R

    Best notebook under 1200?

    Okay we'll I'm new here and new to gaming computers. I want a prebuilt computer because I don't know how to put them together. I would like a laptop that's relatively cheap. I was looking at this one , would it be okay??
  22. D

    Is this a good gaming laptop?

    Hey. helping a friend look for a decent gaming laptop. he has around £650. is this the best he could get? he cant get a desktop due to constantly moving around and too much effort
  23. I

    Should I buy this Acer-Aspire-V3-771G or a (prebuilt)desktop+Tablet? (Details inside.)

    So due to an unrelated event (Needed a car, bought one from family friend who deals cars, but it sucked ass, getting refund.) I now have money for my PC/Tablet/Laptop. I was going to buy this...
  24. J4ynik

    Own Laptop Batterie

    Hi guys, I wanted to build a Laptop myself. I searched all the necessary components, but now I have the problem, that I don't know how to make the Laptop mobile. means I don't know how to build or where to buy a battery for it. Do you have any ideas? Thanks
  25. V

    Best prebuilt laptop under 1000 dollars

    I was planning to buy my first gaming pc and it was too expensive for me...So i decided to cut down by half and get a laptop i could use for gaming AND school. Thank you for your time :)
  26. P

    PC System ID Replacement

    Recently my computer crashed. Was forced to reinstall Windows 7 One of my purchased programs I am attempting to re-activate will not activate because the System ID has changed. I have sent them a support request but have not had a response. The program was purchased for lifetime use. The...
  27. P

    Art studio laptop

    Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: As soon as possible Budget Range: $1-3k after or before shipping (Cheaper the better ;) ) System Usage from Most to Least Important: This laptop is going to be my main portable computer for game programming and animation. Started a studio with some friends...
  28. G

    Laptop for Birthday

    I'm a first time poster, but I have enjoyed a few articles here at Tom's, and this looks like the place to ask such a question. I'm looking for a laptop that is either one I can get the parts for and put together by June 5th, 2013, or a good-enough (possibly web-site-customized and/or even...
  29. A

    Cheapest Laptop for Gaming and College (Prebuilt with add ons)

    Hi, since I just entered college, I have to get a laptop since im in IT and doing programming and app development and stuff. Im also into causual gaming. So basically im looking for reasonable choices. Specs: Cpu: i7 3rd gen quad Gpu: mid range dedicated plus integrated intel 4000 Screen...
  30. killersquirel11

    New laptop buying thoughts - ~1500 gamer w/ 15.6" or smaller screen

    Hey all, I'm looking at buying a new laptop to replace my current one (Acer Aspire 8930 w/ 18.4" screen and 9600M GT), since it is nearly four-years-old and having its set of interesting problems. Since I now own a desktop, I don't need such an obscenely-large screen. So here's what I'm...
  31. killersquirel11

    New laptop buying thoughts - ~1500 gamer w/ 15.6" or smaller screen

    Hey all, I'm looking at buying a new laptop to replace my current one (Acer Aspire 8930 w/ 18.4" screen and 9600M GT), since it is nearly four-years-old and having its set of interesting problems. Since I now own a desktop, I don't need such an obscenely-large screen. So here's what I'm...
  32. waffo

    Downgrading SAMSUNG NP365E5C-S01US TO WINDOWS 7

    Went through a lot of trouble of finding drivers for my new Samsung laptop in the Windows 7 OS. Samsung doesn't support downgrading as of right now and can be pretty difficult to gather everything you need, so I figured I'd write a guide on how I went about it. Since I saw this place come up in...
  33. A

    Macbook pro 15.4 vs Asus G75VW-T1414H Ultimate gaming Notebook

    id like to know: 1) whats the difference 2) which has higher quality 3)why is the Apple MACbook pro so expensive while it has such weak components 4)how come a mac is so good for video editing when it has a very weak GPU thanks in advance :D
  34. S

    Alienware or Cyberpower?

    I need a gaming laptop, cause I move from place to place (So no "Buy a desktop, they're way better" comments here) So I am debating between buying an Alienware M17X i7-3740 3.7 ghz 12gbs 1600 Mhz RAM GTX 660m (Would have them upgrade in June to 680m) 500 GB Hard drive accidental warranty...
  35. C

    Lenovo y580 battery not charging

    My y580 is brand new. I got it last Thursday and I stumbled upon an error. My battery is stuck at 55% and will not charge. If I plug it in, it says "plugged in battery not charging". Please help me ASAP.
  36. T

    I need a serious opinion on the Alienware X51

    The alienware x51. Can it run games such as MW3, BF3? If so, what kind of settings and what can I expect out of the FPS. This would be a great PC because of it's compact size.
  37. A

    Best Core Gaming Laptop (not-prebuilt) for < or = to 2000 U.S. dollars

    I was wondering what would be the best hardcore (max settings and awesome framespersecond :sol: on most games) gaming rig I could build for under or equal to 2000 us dollars? I am selling some old stuff to get 2000 dollars this summer so I want only the best! :D
  38. A

    Hardcore maxed out prebuilt gaming laptop for 2000 dollars? :D

    Hello, I am selling some old crap to get 2000 dollars this summer and am thinking of getting a hardcore prebuilt gaming laptop that kicks total 9999% ass, and can play games at max max max settings with no lag.
  39. G

    Best free program to remove junk on a new prebuilt pc?

    Ive read about a lot of programs to remove junk software on pre built pc's but never used one. Fixing to get to work on a new acer laptop my dad bought and he wants me to remove all the crap on it that comes pre loaded. Instead of doing it by hand is there a free program that can do it better...
  40. S

    Help with prebuilt laptops options I want to buy this laptop and thinking of taking some upgrades. +$20 upgrade from i3 2.4ghz to 2.5ghz (small increase but it's pretty cheap anyways) +$100 to...
  41. P

    Magazines with good authority on pc/laptop builds

    Since trying to lookg for the best laptop for my money, I've begun to realize that I don't know jack *** about computers. The last pc I built cost around 2000 and I could have gotten a prebuilt/custom for half that price... Don't have a way to access the internet 24/7, decided to take my...
  42. Klosteral

    Which is best for my money? (Clevo prebuilt comparison)

    Hey there, I am looking at buying a gaming laptop and I am considering the following: Clevo W860CU $1329AUD Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Intel Core i7-740QM 1.73GHz - 2.93GHz 8GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM nVidea GTX 460M 1GB 500GB SATA 7200RPM HDD 15.6" Matte LCD Screen (1920 x 1080) 1 x USB 3.0 + 3 x...
  43. Klosteral

    Prebuilt Clevo too good to be true?

    Hey guys, In my searches I came across a pre-built clearence sale on the Clevo-W860CU-460M (Metabox W860CU) which had the following: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit Intel Core i7-740QM Nvidea GTX460M 1.5GB 8GB DDR3 1333 RAM 500GB 7200RPM SATA HDD 15.6" FHD 1920x1080 screen (probably LCD) Blu-Ray...
  44. Bacterius

    Looking for a particular website

    Hello, I want to buy a new laptop and I'm looking for a reliable website that would allow me to freely choose every part of it without being restricted by prebuilt models, and then deliver the built laptop when it is ready (if it can realistically be built at all, that is). Building the laptop...
  45. I

    Lenovo V460 notebooks

    [I originally posted this in Systems: Prebuilt, but perhaps it should better have been posted here...] There are two Lenovo notebooks currently being sold that I cannot get any reliable information on. They are actually two configurations of the same line: the V460, models 0886-2AU and...