Should I buy this Acer-Aspire-V3-771G or a (prebuilt)desktop+Tablet? (Details inside.)


Oct 15, 2013
So due to an unrelated event (Needed a car, bought one from family friend who deals cars, but it sucked ass, getting refund.) I now have money for my PC/Tablet/Laptop.

I was going to buy this Acer:

It has everything I need: It can game, it has a fast i7 proccessor, it has a graphics card(never had a pc with a graphics card, hence the name), 8 GB of RAM... etc.

However this is going to cost me steep 900+ dollars. Leaving me broke without an option of getting my money back. The laptop I have now is now struggling to play youtube videos which is the main thing I do besides gaming/PS3. It occurred to me that I'm paying the price, for the portability.

If I could get a [prebuilt]Desktop PC that could game for cheap ($600.00?) I should get better specs right? (Like 3.4+ ghz 8+ GB RAM, I7, stronger GFX card etc.) My only worry is that the prebuilt systems I see online do not look to good, and for right now I cannot be bothered with building a PC, too much waiting for parts, when I need to be able to mobile commuting right away since I'm at school all day due to having to ride with a friend, so I have like 8 hour school days.

Then I would get a cheap tablet for when I'm at school, has to have a keyboard, or be a really cheap tablet woth a keyboard add on prefwerably windows 8.1 OS (NO RT)

TL;DR: Can I get a better deal with a [prebuilt]desktop/tablet combo, or should I just get the laptop.