Macbook pro 15.4 vs Asus G75VW-T1414H Ultimate gaming Notebook


Jan 6, 2013
id like to know:

1) whats the difference
2) which has higher quality
3)why is the Apple MACbook pro so expensive while it has such weak components
4)how come a mac is so good for video editing when it has a very weak GPU

thanks in advance :D


Dec 29, 2012
i couldn't find the Asus G75VW-T1414H, but i know that the G series are the gamer series by Asus. well what is the difference, the difference is that one is twice better than the other one. comparing the specs of a high end g series and a macbook pro well that doesn't leave much to say does it? the asus is well above it in every aspect. Quality wise they both use quality product. asus make their own components while apple buy them from Asus and samsung ect. they are both expensive (depending on what Asus you are looking at) , apple they mark higher (high margins on their products) because their consumers tend to buy the brand and the looks more than what is inside the aluminum case. Mac's are not all good at video editing , Apple supplies good video editing software that are built especialy for their computers which makes them run smooth on the macs. the only reason somebody should really buy a mac is if they need or like to use their software's. also apple does a good job balancing their computers , which means they put a nice display , a slim aluminum design , decent graphics , a good battery life all together but still not worth the price tag. before buying a computer you should ask yourself what do i need it for ? and go from there. if it is for gaming then you need the best graphics , decent memory, a good Cpu , and a good screen. that would be the ASUS in this case. if you have no idea what your are looking for and you want the half eaten apple logo in your case than pay the overpriced price tag and convince your self that is the best computer in the world. btw those are two computers you don't compare. if you are a gamer you should know that the asus is what you need (much better graphics).

P.S : don't get me wrong i like Apple computers especially laptops (mac air) i just really hate the operating system they have. if i ever get a apple laptop as a gift or something i would just install Linux on it LOL.


Jan 27, 2013
Well... your thread title says "Ultimate gaming Notebook". Based on this alone why are you even considering a Macbook pro? If you want the ultimate gaming notebook that runs Apple OS.. then its a Macbook Pro, otherwise its not.

Apple has very high quality standards.. I would argue higher than Asus TBH. Macbook Pro keyboard, screen, touch pad, build overall are all top notch. That's not to say Asus makes a low quality laptop because they don't.

The Macbook Pro does not have "weak" components when you compare it to every other laptop in its category that exists. You really are comparing apples and oranges here. The asus laptop you linked weighs 10 lbs while the Mac weighs 5.6

Mac's are considered good for video editing because of the software. Obviously if you buy a Mac with subpar hardware its not going to be good at any video editing task