Help with Slowness!

Apr 25, 2016
I need some help.
My new Acer Aspire E 15 Start laptop has just recently gotten slower and I'm not sure how to fix it. I've scanned it, gotten a registry cleaner, and have tried various other solutions from different forums. Sometimes it runs fine, other times it hangs, has an unresponsive script, or just has a general lag.
For example, if I go on YouTube, I can browse around alright, but if i press on a video, it would run well for a minute, but then start to freeze. The video plays fine, but it takes a bit for there to be any button/mouse input and if I try to scroll down, it wouldn't do anything for a second, then jump down to wherever.
Any help would be appreciated.

My laptop specs:
Intel Celeron Processor
Intel HD Graphics
4 GB DDR3 L Memory
500 GB HDD
Windows 10 (wasn't upgraded to, it came with the laptop)

I guess it's one of those bugs that Windows 10 still has. Have you tied reinstalling Windows 10 or maybe downgrading to Windows 7? To be honest you're not alone with that problem with Windows 10 a lot of people are still struggling with some bugs but some does work fine.

If you plan to reset Windows 10 please use this link below for the complete guide.
one issue right off the bat is the laptop is low on system ram. with a 4g ram stick some of it is used for video ram not leaving a lot for the os and if you have a lot of programs running at start up even less. i would use crucial memory advisor to read the system info and see what the min/max ram is and how many slots are open. if the max is 8g with one ram slot open spend the 40.00 or less for the 4g ram. if the laptop can go to 16g pick up an 8g then another 8g.
Apr 25, 2016

I'll try resetting windows 10, but first I'm going to create a recovery drive.
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