Hi my lg smart tv has no picture but has sound please can help me fix the problem

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Nov 21, 2006
It's probably just an HDMI sync issue.

Have you tried unplugging all equipment from power or turning off your power strip? Then turn everything back on.

Next try unplugging. Then plugging back in the HDMI cable on both ends. Try changing HDMI ports. Try another cable. See if other devices work (blu ray, computer, game console, over the air antennae, &c.


Feb 27, 2017
Question from Burhan_3 : "lg tv black screen with sound"

Hi my LG smart TV shows black screen with audio need help to fix issue thank you


Aug 23, 2017

I have a LG Flatron with sound and no picture also. When I connect the monitor to my laptop, it works perfectly. Is there a setting I can change, or is it likely to be some hardware problem?


Dec 7, 2017
I have a lg 4k uhd led smart tv I get the sound. I can go on Netflix I have the wifi connected and nothing else I can see the screen to choose a movie but once the video play the tv goes to what we called snow. My husband calls it bug wars. It is when you see the black and white dots on the screem. But you can hear the audio clearly any one know how to fix this. I called a local technician who talked to others he n has worked with and did research and what he was told it was a glitch in the system and is not repairable.it is out of warranty but has low usage as we don't watch tv in our living room often just during football season and company was over.
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