High-end gaming laptop, desktop replacement


Jul 18, 2010

I'd like some community feedback on what's the best way to go with getting a high-end gaming laptop. I'd mostly want one as a desktop replacement. I've also got a job where I'll be having anywhere between half an hour to three hours of downtime almost every day.

I'll just answer the usual questions:

Budget - Enough.

Size - From 15" upwards.

Screen resolution - Wide preferred, 1600x900 or higher.

Battery life - Not important. An hour is fine even.

H.D.D. - Decent enough, preferably over 500Gb. Got an intel X-25M G2 SSD as well if it's possible to attach that into it.

Optical Drive - Any basic DVD drive is enough.

No preferred or hated brands.

I live in Finland, but international orders are perfectly fine.

Additional information:

If possible, I'd like to build up the laptop myself as it will most likely save me a good amount of money. I've been looking through various sites for barebone (whitebook) kits, but I haven't been impressed. I'm looking for something that can either fit or comes with GTX 460M - big plus from SLI possibility. Core i7 support needed.

Alienware offers a nice selection, but the individual parts are highly overpriced. Links to sites offering DIY barebones etc would be appreciated.

Other suggestions are also welcome, of course.



Sep 4, 2012
Hi, I have an alienware m14x. It is a good computer, it has some small problems but a reboot seems to fix it. I would recommend alienware to anyone it feels really durable. The m18x is a true desktop replacement but isn't that much smaller than a desktop frankly. I would recommend the m17x as I did a lot of research before purchasing and i needed the 3+ hours of battery life that the 14 offers vs the 1+ of the 17. I can run every game i own own on high setting while recording with my m14x at around 30 fps. But it is fully upgraded. The m18x you can crossfire gtx 680m's so that will run crysis 3 on high settings. so I don't know what you want. I think you can upgrade the m18x and the m17x but I'm not sure. Alienware also gives you a killer warranty, they sent a tech to my house for free on just the standard warranty that came standard.