High light text in a text file


Mar 11, 2010
We have to exchange text files between different platforms. These files are only for people to read and update. 90% of the users are windows,The other 10% are whatever they use. In order to ensure that the 10% users can read and update the file, we now restrict it to regular text file (Not rich text or any word processor format). The 90% of the windows users are asking for simple highlight or bold test so that they can see important points. We have no control on the 10% user (i.e. can not touch their laptop or PC). So we probably still have to continue to use plain text. I was wondering if there is a way to satisfy the 90% user. For example install add-on to some Windows text editor which allow them to do the highlight. But whatever added by the add-on will simply be ignored by whatever common text editor used by the 10% users.
Plain text doesn't support formatting options such as highlighting, bold text, coloured text or italics, and there's no add-on that I know of, in fact I've yet to come across any add-ons for a basic plain text editor.