High spec laptop running slow


Jul 13, 2017
I purchased the HP 250 G5 not even more than a year ago and it is running slow. It is an i5-6200u @2.3GHz with 8gb ram (upgrated from 4gb) running on Windows 7 64-bit.

When I first got it it was running perfectly smooth originally on Windows 7. I then stupidly upgraded it to windows 10, downloaded loads of games and then realised both the games and <language please> windows 10 is making it slow.

So I decided to install Windows 7 back on it, but now it is running slower than ever. Even though it's a HDD, the startup times are incredibly slow. After the screen comes up it takes like 5 minutes to fully load, and I have only 1 or 2 apps enabled in startup. Then opening something like chrome takes ages, then sometimes it freezes, and the worst thing ever, CHROME SOMETIMES JUST AUTOMATICALLY CLOSES AND I LOSE EVERTHING.

I can't even close Word sometimes, when I click X, the whole app just freezes. I don't understand, I reinstalled it, it should be fast. I've disk defraged, doesn't do anything, I've went on run and deleted all temp files, doesn't do anything.

What should I do, it's frustrating how even though it's 'i5', it runs like something from 2005. Help. Should've just got a shitty intel Atom, at least people use that and they have no problems.


Jul 13, 2017
I reinstalled Windows 7 through USB. I had to manually download all the drivers, including the WiFi one through a CD.

Also, all the drivers I installed are HP driver's specific for my laptop model as I downloaded them through the HP website.

Are laptops supposed to run like this? Slow all the time? I mean I did download games on it but I didn't really play them, just ran them for a while. Even if that is the cause, I reinstalled the OS. And I doubt the games damaged the system already (if that even is possible)
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