Hijacked Audio Controls


Jul 31, 2009

I am having a frustrtrating problem with a friends laptop I have been working on for a week now. Short of dumping and a clean install of OS I have tried everything. The Master Volume slider drops on its own when you try to change the setting manually. The other sliders are all fine jsut the Master Volume. I have seen a few threads on this and did everything possible to eliminate the problem.

Things I have tried:
-Ran spybot, cccleaner, registry cleaners, hijack this, combofix, mbam, running processes software (all looks normal).
-Uninstalled several browser assistants via add/remove and direct through cmd/dos del *.*
-Uninstalled Limewire, Any real players, ipod, itunes, winamp, anything not windows media player or updates
-unistalled audio drivers and software and reinstalled

-Removed laptop master volume keys and cleaned both master volume controls via the housing itself. Cleaned the mouse (which does not have master volume controls on it or access from the wheel).

I have explored every possible software outlet and still no volume. I really really really dont want to reformat. I also noticed (which my friend neglected to tell me was happening also , last night, when I tried to write a few emails the point of type kept jumping around to differnet parts of the page on me. Mid type the cursor would just move to the subject line or various other parts of the partially typed email. I suspect malicious software is the cause of these two problems however I have fully explored dos (Program files, common files, system32 etc...no avail). If anyone can help with this problem I would really appreciate it.

-Really makes me appreciate my frankenstein at home that is easier to manage than the lavish 1500 dollar software packed laptop of today..lol



Aug 6, 2009
Hi does the user have skype installed as this has been known to take over audio settings also some new laptops hae a feature which prevents them from becoming to loud to prevent hearing loss you may want to check.


Jul 31, 2009
Hey all. I got good news. Sure enough all the replys on this one and other ones pushed me more to check out hardware on the laptop. Sure enough I took it apart again (the first time I removed the buttons but didnt pay microscopic attention to the board for the buttons) and the button was pushed backward off the circuit board (Broke right off the solder posts too). I tried to re-solder it back to the board and now I have control over the volume but only when the up button is pushed in consistent (we rigged this for now). SO now i am looking for a junkyward to get the part if not I will have to order it from HP. Spent wayyyyy to much time working with the software so I am kinda putting my tail between my legs....admiting defeat...and confessing most of the techs replies to mine and other requests of this same problem were right. :) There are 3 different controling mechanisms for the sound on the laptop and it only took one faulty one to hijack the controls. I assumed it was software because the volume was accesible and acting even though acting erratically...it was still acting so I stupidly assumed software. I must say though I am disapointed in the construction of this small board on the front of HP's laptops as I can see from it internally with the outter construction of the buttons that it is vulnerable to this type of accidental break. UGH....but thank you all very much for your replies. i look forward now to being part of Tom's community here and hopefully able to help others, though I am better with software then harware I hope I can help someone else out one day too...

peace, PJ
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