Hijacked , please help


Sep 18, 2016
My issue is very complicated,but I'll try. I am currently and for the past 3 years have been a victim of identify theft and cyberstalking. I know the person responsible and authorities can't catch him. He has hacked into over 200 of my devices and put us 200k in debt. I am a networking and infrastructure major so I think I've figured out what he's done. He remotely unlocks my bootloader, disables preset apps and re-enables his own package. Is there anyway I can get my device back? He's stolen over 100 email accounts. I have around 200 preset apps that are obvious they don't belong. I can't use the playstore online, I have to use the app on my phone and ALL of them need at least 15 permissions. I need help and any advice you have for me is appreciated. My email is [here one of your problem, don't post your email or name on a forum]. I tried to create an account but couldn't