Hisense 50H8C TV switches on and off Xbox 360


Jul 28, 2016
Hi, I have a Hisense 50H8C, purchased two weeks back. The issue is the TV switches on and off when i play via an xbox 360. I have attached a sample video of what happens for reference. Note that this happens only when using the xbox 360, and not while watching over netflix or youtube using the smart tv. What could be the problem? Is it the TV or the HDMI cable, or something else? Is this a common problem among users, and if so what is it called and what is the resolution? I have two days to return the TV (no questions asked), so any help is appreciated. Thanks

Try turning off CEC in the TV menu.
CEC is a control protocol that is supposed to make equipment connected via HDMI easier to use. Problem is that is isn't standardized well so it screws up as much as it works.