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Mar 2, 2015
Hello, does anyone know how i connect 5.1 logitech multimedia speakers to a tv? is this connector (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Logitech-Game-Console-Audio-Adapter-5-1-Speaker-System-Convert-RCA-Single-1-8-/231939648969?hash=item3600ae2dc9:g:lAMAAOSwck5XMXzV) appropriate for this to work or it is anothher adapter needed? thx in advance for reading this


Jul 6, 2015


Tv's with optical out only process digital channel 2 stereo as per optical limitations. To convert 2 channel stereo to 5.1 over optical requires compression codecs like Dolby or DTS which TV's them selves alone won't do.

Your logitech's will work using an analogue adapter but the channels won't be 5.1 though.
The adapter you link to won't give you multichannel audio it just connects all the speakers to the left and right input so they play in multi speaker stereo.
You can get a Dolby Digital adapter like this one to process the optical out of the TV into 5.1 channels of output for the speakers.
Make sure that your TV will output in 5.1 through the optical out. Check the TV audio menu.
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