Hoping that someone can help me with this


Jul 14, 2016
Hoping that someone can help me with this -- for the past month or so my Dell laptop has had a problem with uncontrollable scrolling up and to the left and upwards . This is now getting worse and happens in all programs including Word, Adobe, all internet browsers, etc. Even to type this message is difficult because the cursor periodically jumps back to the top left corner of this text box. I have tried attaching a new external mouse but this does not help. The problem occurs even when not using the touchpad. I have scanned my computer with multiple anti-virus programs but no luck. It is getting difficult to use the computer for anything. Even holding the down / right arrows does not help. PLEASE ADVISE!!


It might be possible to disable the touchpad either in the BIOS or in Windows, or I would disconnect the touchpad physically and see if the issue goes away. Depending on the model, it could be pretty simple, a lot of times it just requires lifting the keyboard up and then disconnecting a ribbon cable.