Question How acn I hook up a phillips fr968 digtital surround system to a Direct Tv system that has HDMI - TV is a Panasonic Model TC-P42C2

Feb 11, 2019
A passive HDMI to RCA cable is useless.
All you have to do is connect the digital audio output of the TV to one of the digital audio inputs on the receiver.
You may need to turn the digital output on and the TV speakers off. Check the owners manuals for details.
I wish it was that simple. The only audio output this TV offers is Optical Audio. I have one optical audio on the receiver but it is also an output so that didn't work after I bought a cable. I tried running the Optical Audio from the satellite receiver box to my receiver but the TV wouldn't respond to it. I tried the DVD port (Video 1) on the TV. Nothing. The only satellite input on the TV is either HDMI or Antenna Cable. I have no way to get either of those from my Phillips receiver. Any suggestions? I really don't want to have to buy a new receiver if I can help it. Thanks very much. I know almost nothing about Optical Audio, never heard of it before this. How would this power a speaker anyway? Thanks again.