Question How Can I connect 2 PCs via mobile phone without an internet connection? I mean using the phone as a router.

If I am understanding what you are asking, you want to network the computers, but to connect them via your phone? However, not using any WiFi or data access?

Well, there is a problem there, in that you wouldn't be able to connect the computers through the phone if the phone doesn't have some sort of internet access via WiFi or data. If the phone does in fact have data, then it will be very dependent on if your phone can actually be set up as a hotspot to allow both computers to connect to its data (the same way a computer connects to a modem/router, meaning you need WiFi capabilities on both computers). However, not all phones can do this, and not all carriers/service providers allow it as well. You would be using quite a lot of data.

To be honest, if the computers are right by each other physically, it would be much simpler to just connect them, actually connect them, which can easily be done via an Ethernet cord.

Now, if you are trying to connect both of the computers to the phone to get online, then you, as stated above, just need to set up the phone to be a hotspot. Again, if your carrier/service provider and your phone allow for it.

On your phone go to...
  1. "Settings" and tap "Wireless & Networks" and then tap "More".
  2. Next tap "Tethering & portable hotspot" and then tap "Turn on WiFi hotspot".
  3. Now tap "Set up WiFi hotspot".
  4. Here you will set up a network name & password, but leave the security as it is.
  5. Go back 2 screens and tap "Turn on WiFi hotspot".
  6. Finally get your laptop and look for the wireless hotspot by the name you assigned it and then enter the password.
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