How can I connect my lap top to the internet at home WITHOUT using wifi?


Oct 19, 2016
I am wifi radiation sensitive and want to use my laptop at home without using wifi. Do I have to move the router to the room where I use my laptop so I can hard wire it? OR is there an adapter of some kind that I can hook up to my cable connection in another room? My cable provider (Frontier) does NOT have that kind of device. Thank you very much.
Ann K.
Avoiding the wifi aspect, you can either wire the room for ethernet (for example, my modem/router is in my basement and feeds ethernet cabling to most of the rooms - with a wifi repeater upstairs, which is irrelevant for your use), or, if you're not currently wired for ethernet throughout the house, you could use Powerline adapters.

Essentially, powerline uses your existing electrical wiring in the house to transmit a signal.
Ethernet runs from your router/modem to the powerline adapter in a socket, and another adapter can receive it and run an ethernet cable from that outlet to your laptop. Powerline adapters usually come in packs of two, but sometimes more.

The only real requirement for powerline is that each room you want to have ethernet in must be on the same electrical circuit.

Powerline is not as fast as hardwiring ethernet, but it's pretty 'plug & play' (assuming you're on the same circuit)



How do you avoid being in areas where there is WiFi? Every coffee shop, library, business, neighborhood has 2-3-4-5-12 WiFi signals going in the area. Who sorted out that you have issues with WiFi and did testing? It also operates on the same frequency as wireless phones, microwaves and a ton of other devices. I would find it very difficult to not be around any WiFi signals, likely impossible unless you are shut in the house all day.