How can I copy pictures from my ipad

Glovo 2

Apr 22, 2013
When I connect my ipad to my computer the folder of my ipad is empty. what should i do to get my pictures?


Mar 31, 2011
You could:
Start a dropbox account on the laptop & install the dropbox app on your ipad. Place the photos you want in the dropbox folder, and you'll be able to access them from anywhere. I use this on my phone, and it will automatically back up all photos taken to the cloud.

Or here's another solution:
"Here's how I did it: establish a Google Picasa account from your PC then download the WEB ALBUMS App to your iPad. Then go into web albums from your iPad and create a new web album called something like "my iPad pics and video" then do an upload from that will show you all albums on your iPad, pick the one you want and do a select all of the pics and hit upload! Tada! Now you can go to your PC and access all those pics and videos through Google Picasa."
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