How can I fix my phone that fell in water 4 months ago?

Mar 22, 2018
My coolpad note 3 lite fell in a bucket of water few months ago. I took it out immediately and dried it with a cloth after taking out the sim card and the memory card. Then I put it in rice for a day. The issue was that was I put it for charging it actually turned on, vibated and sometimes I saw a little white flashing on the screen which doesn't turn on( it's blank) so I took it to the repair shop and he said its an issue of the display but he wasnt sure. It's been 3 months and when I tried connecting it to the power source the same problem ( it vibrates but the screen is blank and sometimes light flashes on the screen) turned up. How do I fix it?
If it was submerged in water, a day in rice was not going to fix it. Plus, the battery not being taken out would be even more of a problem. Moisture and phones don't mix. Especially batteries.

Sounds to me like there was more moisture in the phone and it did some damage, possibly rust, and could still actually have moisture in it. Plus the battery could have been damaged. I would take it to a different tech.
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