Question How can I recover my iPhone without Data Loss?

Mar 26, 2020
Hi! I will try to be as detailed as I can be to make my situation clear. I have an iPhone X with IOS 13.3.1. I didn't allow time for a software update and it fell into Recovery Mode with the logo blinking and occasionally the iTunes Restore screen. I was able to exit Recovery Mode without needing to restore it using Tenorshare ReiBoot, but I made the mistake of not backing it up right away, and it fell into recovery mode once again; this time, I was not successful with using Tenorshare, which worries me that it's slipped into a deeper, unrecoverable state. I've tried the buttons trick (vol.up/vol.down etc.). I have tried to Update from my 13.3.1 to the 13.4 on iTunes, but all it says now is that it's 'Contacting Software Update Server', which is a process I'm not aware of and wouldn't mind explained, and cancels the process altogether because it says I have a Corrupt Firmware, which is another worry. I tried multiple recovery services so that probably played a hand in corrupting the firmware files. From what you know from your expertise, what would be the steps I could do to fix these different problems? Is it time to give up on any online services and make initiative for deep repairing, as in physically opening the phone with services like DataSalvage etc.? I really need help on what to do because I cannot afford to lose what was all on my phone!


I don't think you can deal with this without having a data recovery place look at it. You did not have backups setup through iCloud or anything? Unfortunately having important data only in one place, especially on a phone that is easily broken, lost or stolen, is really just waiting for a time to lose the data.
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