How can i reload my laptop with a new operating system


Nov 17, 2010

XP is dead.
Windows 7 is so much better and faster. Use Win7 x64 if possible.

1. Back up all of your documents and files, preferably to an external drive.
2. Disconnect the back up drive before installing Windows.

3. Boot from the Windows XP CD or Win7 DVD when your laptop starts up.
.... You will have to press F1 or Del or Esc or something.
.... Unfortunately every machine is different
.... I can't help you there, read the manual or look at the bottom of the screen.
.... You only have a few seconds to do it as soon as you turn on the machine.
4. Then install windows using the fresh install option.
---- WARNING -----
5. Your computer will format the disk ERASING EVERYTHING ON IT ! ! !
You did back up in step one, right?
6. Then Windows will install. Just follow the prompts.
7. When Windows has finished installing, re-connect the back up drive and copy your files onto the laptop with the fresh copy of Windows.

Good Luck and remember to back up often (monthly, at least).


Oct 19, 2011
thank you so much for your help i have never done this before so do i just put in the copy of windows when the laptop is on?

i have a hp compaq nc6400 intel core 2 cpu 1.66ghz....

i know its pretty old but its just so i can have special software to help me with reading my letters online and various other help because i am partially sighted. another reason i need windows operating system because linux wont take the software.


That's pretty much all you need to do.
You follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.
Do you already have a copy of Windows? If so what version / service pack?

I suppose we should check that your 'special software' can run on Windows 7 before you decide to use XP or Win7.
If you're not sure - list the software / version number and we can check to make sure which versions of Windows it runs with.


Oct 19, 2011
Thank you so much for your help i have a copy of windows xp with service pack 2 is that ok?

i use my software on other windows machines so i know thats all good thank god.


Nov 17, 2008
First I would recommend going on the internet to your laptop manufacturer's website and downloading the drivers for the network card or maybe even the wireless adapter. Copy these to a USB drive or burn them to a CD.

Put the Windows disk in the laptop and reboot it. If it doesn't boot to the DVD then you will have to boot it again, go into its BIOS, and set it so it will boot from the DVD drive, then reboot it again.

Once it boots into the Windows DVD you can just follow the instructions.

Next you will have to connect the laptop to the internet, either by plugging in a wire or using your wifi. If neither of these works then you would need to load in the drivers that you downloaded at first.

Once you can get the laptop connected to the internet, then go to the laptop manufacturers website and download the additional drivers for things like the touchpad, wifi and so forth.

Crank up windows update on the laptop and let it download all of the updates. This could take awhile.

Crank up Internet Explorer, download Mozilla Firefox and install it, and never use IE again.

Download Adobe Acrobat reader, Irfanview, Windows Word, Excel and Powerpoint viewers, Adobe Flash, and install them.

Add an icon on the screen for Windows Explorer and Windows Notepad.
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