Question How do I connect a pre-amp/amp/sub combo


Mar 17, 2010
At the moment I have a NAD 7225PE integrated receiver connected to a powered sub woofer using the receiver's pre-amp out jacks into the sub's input and sub's output back into the amps main input. I've acquired a NAD 3240PE power amp but I'm unsure how to add it to the mix. How should I run the cables?
The NAD 3240PE is an integrated amp not a basic power amp. You could use it as such but you would still be going through the 7225PE receiver which serves no purpose except as a tuner Better to bypass it.
I would connect the sub to the integrated amp the same way you connected it to the receiver. If you use the radio in the receiver then connect the record output of the receiver to the tuner input of the integrated amp. Select tuner as your source on the receiver and leave it there.
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