How do I connect bookshelf speakers to a computer?




I am really lost and confused right now as all the audio hardware is giving me a headache and I would really appreciate if someone could help me out.

I want to purchase Polk Audio Monitor40 Series II to replace a pair of cheap dell speakers, however I do not know how to connect these to my computer.

I have a desktop and an onboard audio which is built into the motherboard.

My questions:

1. Can I simply buy an amplifier to power the Polks and somehow connect them to my computer?

2. Will a dac/amp unit such as udac2 provide enough power to drive the Polks? My concern is that most dac/amp units label their amplifiers for headphone use. Is this a problem?

My budget is pretty limited and I was hoping to get something around $100 dac/amp unit.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

i've heard of people connecting bookshelf speakers with nothing more than an amp and perhaps some cable adapters. you need to look at the specs on the speakers and match them with the amp. i would go for a box you place on your desk.. not something like a fiio or other "for headphone use" amplifier.