How Do I Hook up 2 TVs to One digital Receiver


Jul 24, 2009
My SD DirecTV box has composite and coaxial outputs, and they both work simultaneously. The composite feeds my crappy old CRT tv, and the coax goes into my PC's tuner. They both have to watch the same thing of course, but it does work, which leads me to believe it would also work with two TVs. Fortunata didn't necessarily say he wanted to watch two different channels at once, so it could possibly work for him.


Feb 20, 2010
My Directv HD box has a HDMI and composite outputs. Is there any way to run another TV off that box coaxially and watch the same channel in a different room? How about sound? How does that get there?


so if i have two tvs in the ssame room and i have direct tv. how do i make them play the same thing
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