How do I install a internet adapter after "Accidently" deleting it.


Dec 30, 2015
Hello.. I got a problem before when I scanned my pc with anti virus called "Advanced system care" and detected 40 things about my internet and automaticly "fixed" it.. but what it did was to messing it up and it said thst I couldn't connect to my internett adapter after troubleshooting it. Then I went to device manager and it's gone, no network adater appear as I had before.

Could anyone help me? Thanks!!
(I'm running windows 7 64 bit)

Update-- specs
Windows "gaming" desktop
i5 2500k
Gtx 960 Asus
6gb ddr3 1600 mhz Ram
Motherboard ASrock P67 Pro
get rid of Advanced system care & get a better av like avast, avg or whatever. what is the make & model# of your laptop? might be able to do a system restore to before you used that program.