How do I know if I have a ccfl or led screen?


Sep 24, 2013
My laptop screen broke, and I took it out so it could be replaced, so I can't turn it on.
And the manual/book/info
that came with my laptop got accidentally thrown away.
I have an acer aspire 5336-2524 series, and I think the model number is PEW72, and
S/N: LXR4G020600417250C1601
The original screen model number
is B156XW02 v.2
(if that matters)
Please help me figure out what kind of backlight it has?
I need to buy a replacement as soon as I can!
Also some people have told me that if you give the model number you'll know.
Where do I go to do that though?
What website?
I hope you can figure it out,
and thanks!