How do I make my Facebook ONLY visible for friends? Tried everything!!!


Mar 29, 2013
My profile on Facebook has been public for several years. I want to make it private now. I have done everything I have been instructed to do, but my whole profile is still visible for anyone to see. This is what I have done:
1. Click the "Security Shortcuts" symbol, and chose "More settings".
2. Changed the setting for who can see future posts to "Friends"
3. Changed the setting for who can search for me using my e-mail address to "Friends"
4. Changed the setting for who can search for me using my phone number to "Friends"
5. Changed the setting for allowing search engines to link to my profile to "No"
6. Chose to limit all old posts I made to only friends

After I saved the revised security settings, all of my profile (my pics, ALL my posts, my personal and contact information, all my friends etc) is fully visible even for visitors! I also posted a new post, just to see if it would at least make future posts private, but this as well is fully visible!
Please tell me what I need to do to make my profile completely private so that only friends can view my stuff?? I asked the Facebook support time but their reply was the same I already tried which didn't work.