How do I retrieve contacts on lost Samsung Galaxy E7? I am now using pocophone f1

Dec 23, 2018
Hi all, I lost my Samsung Galaxy E7 and bought a Pocophone F1 phone. I had saved my number on Samsung account but I don't know how to access that account from Pocophone F1 to effect transfer of the contacts. Please help me
There is no way to get anything off the phone itself. It is gone.

If you backed up or synced the original device to say a Google account, then you may be able to download it from said account. If not, and you didn't back up the information anywhere else, there is then no easy way to get it back. The info is gone.

That said, if you want to put in the work to do it, you can go to your bill (either printed or online) and locate the call and text history information. It won't give you names, but it will give you numbers, dates of calls/texts and times of calls/texts. You then may be able to ascertain what number belongs to what person.

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