how do I transfer my old pics from my s6 android to my new phone 4 cricket to be exact?


Sep 18, 2017
I have android s6 4 g Lte phone that I'd like to transfer my pics to my new cricket 4 phone ZTE...can someone help me please I have to shut off the old s6 phone before the 28th of the month!Thank you!


Jan 10, 2006
please please please learn that your phone should only store photo's temporarily or with a copy elsewhere, assume that your photo's on your phone will be lost tomorrow, what would you do today to prevent this?

You may think this is extreme, but we get many people every day asking 'i've lost my phone how do i find it' we cannot help and everything on that phone is lost, drop the phone in a puddle, everything is lost, leave it in a taxi, lost, have is stolen, lost, electrically fails, lost. you get the idea, move them off memory cards and off phones onto a cloud storage platform, or a hdd, memory stick, something else.
Simplest is to copy everything to a computer or microSD card. For cloud backup you have several options.

If you install/open the Photos app, you can backup your photos and videos to Google's cloud storage (tied to your Google account). It will automatically backup photos and videos as you take them (you can opt to restrict backups to WiFi, to save cellular data), and you can view them from or sync them to your new device. The drawback is that Google only allows unlimited storage of photos up to 2048x2048 resolution. You have to enable full-size backups to backup the original-size photos, and their file size will be counted against the 15 GB of free storage Google gives you.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, it includes unlimited storage of photos of any resolution. So install the Prime Photos app and let it backup your photos. I don't think this will backup your videos.

If you subscribe to Office 365, it includes 1 TB of free cloud storage. I don't use it so I can't give you instructions, but it should be relatively straightforward to use that to sync/backup your photos and videos.